I have a confession to make: I am intimidated by plywood. Or at least I was.

Plywood is heavy. And big. A 4×8 sheet of it won’t fit in my Subaru Forester. Getting it from my car to my basement by myself is nearly impossible. Where do I put it? With my Craftsman circular saw I’ve never been able to cut a straight line, even with a guide. Moving it around with all the crap in my basement is a chore.

Good god, I have a phobia of plywood. I wonder if there’s a name? A quick Google tells me there isn’t, so I guess I’m alone.

I decided long ago to never let my fears hold me back. I had a fear of flying when I started my flying lessons. I have a crippling fear of certain bugs (mostly centipedes and other bugs you find under wet logs) but when it came time to dispose of a giant pile of damp construction waste that was sitting in my driveway, I forced myself to do it. I go to an improv comedy workshop even though about 90% of what we do is outside of my comfort zone. Last year I went off a rope swing that had been taunting me for years. It was terrifying, but I knew it wasn’t going to kill me, so I did it.

Did this blog about a father/son train layout just turn into a therapy session? I think so. Anyway, plywood…

I knew if we were going to build a train layout I’d need to get some plywood into my basement. I actually worried about this for a few days. Seriously. I lay awake at night thinking about plywood!

Then the day came when I had to go out to Home Depot and buy a couple sheets. In preparation, I put the roof racks on the Subaru, bought a panel carrier and a new Makita circular saw. I cleared a little room in the shop and took a deep breath. Let’s do this.

I had a guy at Home Depot help me get the plywood on my roof and got it home no problem. With the panel carrier I got it into my basement with little more than a mild struggle. And the saw? It cut that wood like butter, perfectly straight.

Yet another phobia eliminated.

I just wrote an entire post about plywood. Even worse, you just read it.


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One Response to Plywood

  1. Mur says:

    If you really want to know what your phobia is, according to the D.S.M.5 (Psychiatry’s idea of the Bible) You would be placed in as a General Anxiety Disorder( kind of a miscellaneous group).


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